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Last content update: 7/24/24


See resources below to learn how providers can prevent COVID-19 in their community.

Promote and encourage vaccination

Keep up to date with local COVID-19 data and regulations

Promote masking and face coverings

Review COVID-19 infection prevention measures

COVID-19 treatment

Why prescribe antivirals to treat COVID-19?

COVID-19 therapeutics are a safe and effective measure for preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death for all persons, especially those at high-risk. All health care providers and prescribers are encouraged to provide therapeutic education and access for patients. See the resources below to learn more about available COVID-19 treatment options.

Provider resources for COVID-19 therapeutics

Patient Resources for COVID-19 Therapeutics


Health care provider reporting is an essential part of the public health response to COVID-19 as the information is used to detect outbreaks, identify exposures in high-risk settings, and inform the allocation of local resources. Timely and complete reporting of fatalities is necessary to characterize and communicate who is at highest risk of dying at home and in the hospital. 

  • Health care providers who do not provide long-term care may learn about COVID-19 reporting, including how to report and any requirements, by visiting our Reporting webpage. 
  • Long-term care providers may visit our Information for Long-Term Care Facilities webpage to learn more about their reporting requirements and find reporting resources. 
  • Health care providers can learn about reporting MIS-C by visiting our Reporting webpage. All health care providers should fill out the MIS-C Form for all MIS-C cases.