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COVID-19 guidelines

Guidance for schools and childcare

  1. Schools and childcare providers shall promptly notify the Public Health Department when at least 5% of their school population - with a minimum of 5 ill among students and staff - have reported a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection over a 14-day period. 
  • Schools are encouraged to use the Designee Reporting Calendar Spreadsheet to track the percentage of new suspected or new confirmed cases in their school population over 14 days. Watch a 7-minute tutorial on how to use the Designee Reporting Calendar. 
  • To report COVID-19 cases: 
    • If you do NOT have an existing SPOT account linked to the location you are reporting for, submit a SPOT Intake Form to report case information.   
    • If you have an existing SPOT account linked to the location you are reporting for, you may report case information by logging into SPOT and reporting cases directly to the Location Account. Please click “Existing Users” to log in and navigate to the “Report Cases and Contacts” section of SPOT to submit new case information for the appropriate location from the drop-down list. 
  1. Cal/OSHA COVID-19 prevention non-emergency regulations.
  2. Childcare providers must report outbreaks to their Regional Licensing Office.

An outbreak of COVID-19 is defined by CDPH as at least three confirmed COVID-19 cases reported within a 7-day period among people who are epidemiologically linked in the setting and are not known to be close contacts of each other in any other case investigation.

Ventilation and air quality

Resources for reporting to SPOT

 School Portal for Outbreak Tracking (SPOT)